2021 Farm and Business Tour

Richard’s of St. David

  • Established 1985
  • 600 S Lee St., St. David
  • Outdoor but shady
  • Plant nursery. Roses, shade trees, blueberries and miscellaneous plants.

Kartchner Farm

  • Established 1940s
  • 424 S. Lee St., St. David
  • Outdoor
  • Working Jersey dairy farm, pig breeders and pick your own fruit. We will have jersey milk soap, jams/jellies and seasonal fruits and vegetables to sell. 

Gallery of Dreams

  • Established 2006
  • 245 E. Patton, St. David
  • Indoor with A/C
  • Art gallery. Meet and greet local artists. Refreshments for purchase.

Allred Farm

  • Established 2018
  • 510 W. Patton, St. David
  • Indoor (covered, no A/C) and outdoor with shade
  • Farm. Nuts, vegetables and other local products. Ongoing drip irrigation demonstration.

Alexander Farms/Pink Pear Alpacas

  • Established 1956
  • 865 W Patton, St. David
  • Closes at 3:00 PM on July 24.
  • Outdoor
  • Farm. Vegetable garden, pumpkin patch, and alpaca farm. We sell fresh veggies, alpaca products, hand made items. Tour/fiber demonstration at 1:30 lasting about 30 minutes.

B&L Farms

  • Established 200
  • 698 N. Highway 80, St. David (just past Sabin Rd on the way to Benson)
  • Outdoor
  • Sale of antiques, and re-sale of overstocked items (tools, drill bits, sander belts, hole saws, etc.).

Zearing’s Mercantile